Eazy Garden Limited

The Hassle Free Garden

Health and Safety Policy

The Policy of Eazy Garden Limited is to attach the greatest importance to the health and safety of all its employees. We have a company philosophy that ensures that we treat all people (which include staff, clients and general public) with respect and we make it the responsibility of all staff at every level to be aware of, and watch out for the safety and well being of themselves and all others.

Eazy Garden Limited requires that all employees understand and adhere to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and follow recommended codes of practice at all times.  We aim to communicate our policy to employees by providing comprehensive training to ensure all aspects of work are carried out safely and competently.

Eazy Garden Limited will provide a safe working environment for all employees by ensuring adequate welfare and first aid facilities, personal protective equipment, and training.

We will provide safe systems of work including Risk assessments and Methods of Work, safe plant and equipment including regular maintenance of machinery.

We will ensure all operations are carried out legally and safely so no person is put at risk.

In order to ensure a high standard of awareness to safety all Staff will receive training in all health and safety aspects relevant to our working practices. Health and safety policy statements and staff handbooks will be issued to all operatives.  This will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis with a minimum of annually.  All new employees will receive an induction to ensure that they are familiar with the policy and safety procedures. 

For Operatives staff training will include:

  • General Health and Safety including Basic First Aid
  • Safe use of Hand Tools
  • Safe use of mechanical hand tools
  • Safe use of pedestrian and Ride-on mowers
  • Safe use of pesticides with Knapsack sprayers
  • Responsibilities of appointed drivers
  • Other equipment and legislations where/when relevant

These training procedures will be reviewed regularly and changes implemented as necessary.

Eazy Garden Limited ensures that employees know:

  • How to report and record an accident.
  • What to do in the event of fire or emergency.
  • Who is the appointed person to take charge of first aid.
  • Who is their appointed representative for Health and Safety

Any accidents are reported to the office and an accident report form completed at earliest opportunity.  This information is analyzed and discussed with employees to prevent future occurrences.

In accordance with the above we aim to ensure a safe working environment at all times for ourselves and the public around us.

This Policy Statement shall be reviewed a minimum of annually by Eazy Garden Limited.  We will encourage open communication and discussion through all levels of staff.  All issues raised will be investigated, acted on, and the policy revised where necessary.